Mahanakorn Rice Co., Ltd. has operated its business more than half a century ago. Beginning in 1951, the company bought rice from farmers and sold it to rice mills. Then the company opened its own rice mill under the name "Mahanakorn Thanyakij Co., Ltd.", and started selling rice domestically. Later, Nakornthon Rice Co., Ltd. was founded for rice exporting. With long and successful experience, the company decided to expand its business to packaged rice under the brand "Mahanakorn Rice" in 2010.

The company's expertise can guarantee customers that every package of Mahanakorn Rice contains rice with excellent quality. Selected from the best sources, the rice undergoes processes of high-standard milling, clean and modern packaging, and meticulous quality control. Our rice is now ready to serve you.
Mahanakorn Rice has created signs explaining rice characteristic, to let customers know which rice is best for their menu, so they can enjoy every meal.