The origin of Thai Jasmine Rice

It is the most famous Thai rice, known around the world for its fragrant and slightly sticky quality. Jasmine Rice is one of Thailand's local varieties. Originally, it was found in Chachoengsao, and grown in the Eastern provinces. Later, authorities brought sample of the rice to Koke Samrong Rice Experiment Station in Lopburi, and developed the best jasmine rice varieties called "Dok Mali 105 variety" and "Kor Khor 15 variety". The rice became popular and widely grown in the North and North-east of Thailand.

How to select quality jasmine rice

Quality jasmine rice must be full grain with more than 7 mm. in length. The grain must be white, clean, and translucent (like jasmine petals), with no spot in the middle, no insect and no contamination. When cooked, the rice must be soft and slightly glutinous, with pandan-like aroma.